Piano Studio of Sandy Triplett                        A Classic with a Dash of the Unexpected

7275 Eastern Ave. Germantown TN  38138   754-1083 Cell 674-0133

Sandytriplett.com     https://www.facebook.com/SandyTriplettsMusicStudio


Welcome to my multimedia studio, where you will learn to play the piano in a 

a stress-free environment with an emphasis on experiencing the joy of making music. 


Thank you for choosing me as your piano teacher. I have established the following policies to ensure that you get the most effective and creative teaching possible.   

PIANO   All students need access to a well-maintained instrument. I recommend

tuning your piano once a year.   Amro has an excellent tuner named Heather; please call 901-302-3361 for an appointment.

PRACTICE   Practice is vital to vacillate musical growth. There is a direct correlation to your progress by how much you practice. Practice times will vary, but a productive practice session can be in small increments. Twenty minutes of dedicated focus attention will go a long way to achieving your goal.   

TUITION   Lessons are available in 30 (37.50 per lesson), 45 ($56.00 per lesson), 60 ($75.00 per lesson), weekly minute increments, and monthly billing. If you pay by check, please endorse Sandy Triplett. I have a Venmo account to utilize for your tuition. The Zelle option through your bank is another option for tuition payment.

  •  Tuition is due in the first lesson of each month.  
  • Tuition received after the 15th will have a $25.00 late fee added. 
  • Please provide notice of lessons that need to be prorated before the first of the month.


  • Recommend my program to someone., If they become a student, you will receive one free lesson. Thanks for the support!

PIANO SOIREE   Two times a year, we have an informal evening of celebration. An enjoyable way to network with other adult piano students, hear various piano

    repertoires and develop and strengthen performance skills. Everyone contributes to the meal, and we have a fun musical evening.

MISSED LESSONS: no make-ups or tuition adjustments for no-shows, last-minute changes, and non-emergency cancellations. You have exclusive time in my weekly schedule. I cannot resell your scheduled time, nor can I create extra teaching time to give lessons. If you chose not to attend a class, you would miss the benefit of that lesson. (And I will miss our learning time together.)  If my schedule is flexible, times can be rearranged with a one-week notice.


Need to miss a lesson, there is an option available.

  •  Record the piece(s) you are working on and send it to me before your lesson. I will use your reserved time to listen to the recording and send an email with suggestions on preparing for the following week's lesson
  •  Call to talk about your current piece and any questions you might have during your lesson time. 
  •  Request an email with a supplement to your regular lesson material.  
  •  Utilize online lesson options via, Zoom, Facetime, or Skype.
  • If I cannot attend a lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled or prorated at your convenience.   

INCLEMENT WEATHER No need to miss a lesson due to inclement weather. This is the perfect time to utilize any of the options listed above. Call me (754-1083) with your choice. 

WITHDRAWAL FROM THE PROGRAM   Please provide one month's notice.   

PARKING Please park on the right side of the garage or the street. 

Feel free to email (sptriplett@comcast.net) or text/call (901-674-0133) me with questions. I love hearing from you! 


We all have bad days and sometimes even bad weeks. Don't be concerned; you will plateau and then make progress; this is a step-by-step program. Relax, remember this is for enjoyment; enjoy the journey. You are going to do wonderfully! 


"If you hear a voice within you say 'You cannot paint  play the 'piano' then, by all means, paint   play the piano,   and that voice will be silenced."   - Vincent van Gogh