The Piano Studio for the Adult learner

The Adult Piano Student has my greatest admiration because learning a new language (music scores)and physical skill (playing the piano) as an adult requires taking a risk. You have so many questions… Can I really do this?  Do I have time to practice? How will I ever understand the music notation?  Will I ever be able to 'hear' the music?  What is the difference between the black and white keys on the keyboard?  And the list goes on…..

As a lifelong piano teacher, I am passionate about crafting helpful and entertaining teaching strategies for a positive learning environment for my students.  

  • A strong advocate of hands-on, inquiry-based learning is the basis of my teaching. 
  • Helping student's awareness of injury preventive technique is essential for the more mature learner.
  • Utilizing the strengths of adults, experience in life, and practical knowledge.  Adults bring a lot to the table that is uniquely theirs.
  • In the studio, we capitalize on social events to provide safe but a tiny bit scary playing events for students who choose the option.
  • Private lessons are catered to each student's needs and desires to their pianist dream.
  • The studio is designed with a flexible program that accommodates busy schedules and personal obligations.
  • With all of the above being said, we need to enjoy the journey, have some laughs and create music of your interest.


The difference between what a truly gifted pianist can do and what most could learn, given the right circumstances, is not large enough to warrant the dismissal of styding the piano altogether.

        --Peter Walsh