Piano Studio of Sandy Triplett    Germantown TN

Values and goals of my piano studio.

I believe in providing quality piano lessons that are traditional in content but innovative in delivery.

I believe in piano lessons that focus not only on piano repertoire and technique but music as a form of expression that feeds the soul.

I value creating and innovative thinking to create a forward thinking music program that is fluid - always moving forward. 

I value a creative atmosphere that is fluid in style but not turning away from solid practices proven to be of worth.

I think all of my students come from a different place and mind set, so I need to ensure that what I teach is relevant to what they need to grow musically.  It is my priority to hone in each student using their best learning path.  

I believe my program is set up to enjoy the process of learning to play the piano and I will continue to move toward that end.  My students will always be my inspiration to keep moving forward and providing the best way for them to attain their pianist goals.       

Some things never go out of style.  A Steinway Grand is, and always will be, the best piano around.  Providing a premium instrument, the desire to stay current on learning trends and materials are goals for my studio.